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We advise the green solution that aid in creating 
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  Sorditcon Services

ESG & CSR Advisory

Our Premier Practice - delving deep into the business on every aspect, and then aligning the ESG & CSR goals with the future projections.

Formulation of ESG & CSR Strategy keeping in mind wide array of sectors, Socio-Political, Demographic & business driven.


Branding & Marketing

Sorditcon's expert Digital Marketing team never misses any branding opportunity for our partners.

Sorditcon is a consulting company and we build long term relationships & strategize how to grow together with our partners.


Waste Management

Sorditcon provides E-waste and Plastic Waste Management services to save our environment from depletion.

India generates more than 10 million tonnes of Electronic waste each year. Sorditcon also provides awareness sessions to sensitize as many people as possible.


Baseline & Impact Assessments

Sorditcon provides Baseline or need assessments before starting any projects and also provides Impact assessment report once the project has been done.

Baseline and Impact Assessment reports helps any company to build a strong project in ESG and CSR.

ESG & E-waste Compliances and Reports

Legal Compliance & reports are executed with Transparency. Compliance related to ESG & CSR report filing & Waste Management are cross-check of the documents by expert panel before filing.

Sorditcon provides ESG reporting in global standards like GRI, BRSR, SASB and many more using A.I Tools.


ESG & CSR Recruitments

Sorditcn Team offers an additional service of Talent pool creation and positioning of the same in Organization's ESG & CSR Committee.

Sorditcon team also provides Data Science led talent analytics & industry benchmarking reports for sustainability recruitments.


About Sorditcon

Social and Organizational Responsibility to Develop Innovative and Transformational solutions and work Collaboratively with our clients to save our Next Generations.

Sorditcon is a global expertise-driven CSR & ESG strategizing & implementation advisory firm. We partner closely with global and Indian organizations in identifying loop holes in their CSR policies & formulating the new one aligned with business opportunity.


Best Advisory Board

Circle of Environmental Exper is the Advisory board for Sorditcon Private Limited.

Diverse Background

CoEE consists of diverse backgrounds and age ranging from 24 years old Entrepreneur to 80 years old Educational professional.

Support System

CoEE acts as a Support System for implementation of strategies built by Sorditcon team.

17 SDG Goals

CoEE is built in a way with the helpf of which Sorditcon team can cater to all 17 SDG Goals

- Sorditcon Leadership Team

The Team

Sorditcon Leadership team

Customers reviews

What people say?

Kartik Director

Great working with this young team of professionals working in ESG and CSR. They have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how to achieve that. Great experience working with them. Sorditcon is highly recommended.

Nikita Marketing Head

I have been working with Sorditcon for a long time now, they operated with Sorditenture till 2021. I have been using their Digital Marketing services and have received a great response. The trust and Transparency they have within their team is the most I like.

Sudhir EHS Manager

Sorditcon has helped us with E-waste Management and the process they followed was very clean and efficient. I have received the final compliances within the prescribed limit. They have a great team to support in waste management.

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