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Sorditcon Private Limited is a Consulting company working in two broad domains: ESG & CSR Consulting and Marketing Consulting. We post long format content or blogs in several categories like Sustainability, Marketing, Mental Health and Case studies. Subscribe to our newsletter in the footer for staying up-to-date.


Sordicton shares blogs on Sustainability, Marketing and Mental Health regulary.

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Blogs by Sorditcon

Case Studies by Sorditcon

Sordit Digital Marketing partners for India Space Congress

Press Releases by Sorditcon

Sorditcon – India’s First 360° Green Consulting Company Launched In New Delhi – NCR

Sorditcon Private Limited, India’s first 360° Green Consulting Company has started its operations in Gurgaon.

Sorditcon Private Limited appoints senior professional Pankaj Arora as an Advisor on the board

Mr. Pankaj Arora, will be an Advisors to the India's first 360° Green Consulting Company, Sorditcon Private Limited

Sorditcon Announces Advisory Board called “Circle of Environmental Experts”: COEE

An effective advisory board, when properly composed and structured, can provide non-binding but informed advice and be a valuable ally in the pursuit of superior corporate governance.

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