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ESG & CSR Consulting

Sorditcon Private Limited is India’s first 360° Green Consulting company.
We frame sustainability plans for your businesses to create a positive impact on the environment and
society. We provide project management, CSR, ESG, and sustainability services to
businesses. We can help you develop, implement, and manage a CSR and sustainability
plan as part of your team to help you reach your goals.

ESG & CSR Strategy

Sorditcon aims to provide the most efficient & effective Strategy to promote CSR across companies and solutions to implement ESG overall.

Baseline & Impact Assessment

Baseline and Impact Assessment reports helps any company to build a strong project in ESG and CSR.

Global Reporting Standards

Sorditcon provides ESG reporting in global standards like GRI, BRSR, SASB and many more using A.I Tools.

EESG & CSR Consulting
Sorditcon provides end-to-end ESG & CSR Consulting

Sorditcon Private Limited is India's first fully integrated green consulting firm. We help your
company develop sustainability plans that will have a positive influence on the environment
and society. Businesses can use our project management, CSR, ESG, and sustainability
services. We can assist you in developing, implementing, and managing a CSR and
sustainability plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Sorditcon specialises at strategizing your company’s CSR initiative. In addition, we help firms implement ESG in general. We help your firm meet its objectives, such as reducing energy consumption, diversifying its talent pool, and attracting customers with environmentally friendly products.

We assist you in identifying and determining how to bridge the gap between your organization’s current and desired state. We use a systematic approach to determine and address needs, or gaps between current conditions and wanted conditions. We help businesses to improve the quality of policy or program decisions – thus leading to improvements in performance and accomplishment of desired results.

Sorditcon creates impact within your organization, your community, and the planet by implementing ESG & CSR projects. We assist businesses in building a sustainable future now, for tomorrow.

At Sorditcon, we help funders, grant-makers and companies to understand and evaluate the impact of their social investments in programmes and projects on their beneficiaries or society. We conduct impact assessments to identify the consequences of current or proposed actions. Through Impact Assessment Studies we access the impacts of a programme or projects going to be implemented or a policy going to be promulgated on existing social, economic and environmental conditions.

Sorditcon assists businesses in reporting the impacts of their actions in an organised and transparent manner according to the GRI guidelines. We use A.I. tools to give ESG reporting in worldwide standards such as GRI, BRSR, SASB, and others. We provide you with a balanced and reasonable representation of the sustainability performance of the reporting organization, including both positive and negative contributions.

What is ESG

ESG is a collection of Environmental, Social & Governance topics related to corporations. ESG is a strategy, it is the journey towards long-term growth and value. It is not just few ticking boxes.

ESG simply represents risks & opportunities that can impact climate change, resource scarcity, safety issues, data security, broad diversity, executive pay, tax transparency. 

E: Environmental criteria consider how we as a green consulting firm behave as a steward of the environment.

S: Social criteria look at how we manage relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers, & communities in which we operate.

G: Governance is simply concerned with leadership quality. It totally includes our executive pays, internal controls & shareholders rights.

What is CSR?

CSR is a self-regulating business model that assists a company in being socially accountable – to itself. Its stakeholders & general public. 

Sorditcon – India’s first green consulting firm practices CSR & is aware of the impacts it has on all aspects of society, including environmental, social & governance. 

We solely work on Global & Indian standards:

  • CSR compliance in accordance with GRI & SEBI authorized frameworks.
  • BRR & BRSR report creation in accordance with the company’s SDG goals.

Global ESG Reporting Standards



The GRI Standards are regularly reviewed to ensure they reflect global best practice for sustainability.




SASB Standards connect businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability.

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