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How zomato markets itself?

The growth of some brands has been exponential. One of them is Zomato. How did they do it? How did they increase their customer base? How did they keep their customers coming back? We think Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy greatly impacted all of this. We examine a few of the company’s e-marketing strategies in this article to help you better understand what they’ve been doing.


Did you know Zomato was known as Foodiebay?

When it first began, Zomato did not yet have that name. Zomato was formerly known as Foodiebay. The founders of Foodiebay, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, launched the site in 2008.


To avoid a potential naming conflict with eBay and because Pankaj and Deepinder weren’t sure if they would “just stick to food,” they changed the company’s name to Zomato in 2010.

Marketing of Zomato

There is no doubt that Zomato succeeded as a startup. The brand’s marketing strategy has proven to be a huge factor in the success of Zomato as a startup. If we examine the traffic statistics from various sources, Zomato receives a significant portion of its traffic from its direct searches.

Social Media Strategy of Zomato

Zomato’s target audience is typically between 18 and 35, so the company must put a lot of effort into its social media marketing. Zomato goes above and beyond to maintain connections by creating original social media ads and other interesting posts.


Zomato has successfully used the meme marketing strategy to its advantage. They post humorous material on their pages, which amuses visitors and prompts them to place food orders simultaneously.


Prominent Marketing Campaigns of Zomato

In addition to its effective marketing strategies, Zomato has led many excellent marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns became the brand’s most popular marketing campaigns.




Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid advertising may only be a short-term marketing strategy for a brand, but it plays a significant role in maintaining engagement. Zomato consistently improves a brand’s search results through efficient paid advertising and organic optimization.


The industry leader in food delivery uses Google ads to target particular consumers. These ads are displayed alongside its organic results, enabling the brand to target a broad range of keywords, which would not have been possible otherwise.



Email Marketing Strategy of Zomato

We are all connected via our emails; thus, email marketing strategy forms an important part of a company’s marketing. Zomato knows how to utilise this effective tool optimally.


Many companies use email marketing techniques to their advantage, but few can come up with email marketing strategies that are as clever and persuasive as Zomato’s. Zomato uses enticing one-liners for the subjects and a suitable call to action to close its commercials in order to keep customers loyal to its brand.


Visual Advertising

Like its other marketing techniques, Zomato’s visual advertising is engaging. The company has created some of the best visually appealing advertisements. Whether it’s for their billboards or video advertisements, Zomato consistently makes compelling content ideas to perform well.

Zomato, as a brand, leaves a lasting impression on consumers; therefore, the brand is unforgettable. Do you want to market your business just like zomato did? Is your brand lacking in digital marketing? Contact us! We are Sordit-Digital. We Sorditcon Private Limited solve your digital marketing problems. Our team always sees every branding opportunity for our partners. We are a consulting company that builds long-term relationships and strategies on how to grow together with our partners.

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